Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants

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1.       Initial consultation appointment for 1.5-2 hours which includes:


o   A Review of your pet’s pre-submitted behavior history questionnaire.

o   A review of medical records from all primary care veterinarians

§  We require at least 1 year of complete medical records for your pet.


§  A physical exam and blood work within the last 3 months with your primary care veterinarian is required prior to the consultation unless your pet has extreme vet visit fear and aggression that would make it unsafe to do so.   


§  If behavioral problems have been evaluated and treated by a primary care veterinarian(s) in the past, all medical records pertaining to behavior issues are required (including name of meds and supplements, dose used, frequency of administration, dates used).

o   During the consultation, the doctor will discuss pertinent medical and behavior history details with you while observing your pet’s behavior

o   The doctor’s behavioral assessment, including causes and reasons for your dog’s behavior and will be discussed


o   Treatment recommendations will be made that will include:


§  Management strategies to provide safety and how to set your dog up for success

§  Behavior modification techniques and exercises

§  If indicated, medications to relieve anxiety and help you dog learn more desirable behavior will be discussed


o   After the consult you will received written information including handouts and videos summarizing  the treatment recommendations discussed, as well as additional information.


o   A referral to a behavior therapy trainer will be provided to help you implement the management and behavior modification recommendations made during the consultation.


§  Behavior therapy trainers are much different than obedience trainers and have unique educational backgrounds and experience in the treatment of anxiety, fear, aggression, and compulsive behaviors.

§  For best success, working with a therapy trainer is necessary. 


2.       Follow up Consultation 30 to 60 minutes, 2-3 months after initial consultation will include:

o   A review and assessment of your pet’s progress will be discussed

o   Additional recommendations for management, behavior modification, and medications will be discussed if indicated




·         Progress reports and updates (including short videos) are welcomed and encouraged! 
Please email Liz Geisen, KPA CTP, CDBC, Dr. Jokela’s Veterinary Behavior Assistant and Certified Behavior Consultant, at  

·         If your progress report includes a brief or straightforward question about your pet’s medication or behavior:

o   Liz will review it with Dr. Jokela, and you will receive an email response from Liz within 5 business days.


·         If you email contains multiple or complicated questions, Liz will schedule you for a Problem-Solving Phone Check-in directly with Dr Jokela.

o   The fee for Problem-Solving Phone Check-In with Dr. Jokela is $65.00 per 20 minutes and will be pro-rated based on the time spent.

o   To make the most of your time with Dr. Jokela, a Check-In History Form must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time


LEVEL II FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION APPOINTMENTS (or levels III, IV, V, etc. if additional recurring consultations are needed)


·         If it has been greater than 3 months since our last in person consultation, if there are new or additional concerns, or if further evaluation, reassessment, or treatment changes are needed; Level consultations are available


o   Level Consultations are 30-60 minutes, and the fee is $350.00


o   Level Consultations can also be made for specific topics not covered in the initial consultation such as Dog-Baby-Child Safety or Fearful or Aggressive Behavior for Veterinary Visits



·         To continue to manage and prescribe behavior medications for your pet, it is required by law that Dr. Jokela see your pet in person at least every 12 months.


o   If there are no concerns or medication or treatment changes needed:

§  A Brief Annual Behavior Follow up can be done (a 30 minute in person visit).  Fee is $175.00

·         Before your appointment you must submit the Annual Medication Review Form.

§  Alternatively, you can also ask your primary care veterinarian to take over management of your pet’s prescriptions


§  Unless it is too dangerous to do so, your primary care veterinarian should run lab work every 6-12 months with long term use of medication. Lab work should include at a minimum the following tests CBC/Chemistry Profile/Total T4. 


o   If you have questions, concerns, or would like to discuss changes or tapering of medications:

§   An Annual Behavior Follow Up Consultation can be done (a 60 minute in person visit).  Fee is $350.00

·         Before your appointment,  you must submit a Follow Up History Form



Veterinary Behavior Consults are like seeing a veterinary psychiatrist and are very different than working with a professional animal trainer.  We are going to learn about your pet’s history, any medical conditions, the environment your pet lives in, who your pet interacts with (people and other animals).  We will assess your pet’s emotional state and how your pet behaves.  We will also learn about your concerns and discuss realistic goals. We will explain why your pet’s concerning behavior is occurring and what is causing it. A treatment plan will be developed that is best suited to you and your dog’s needs and goals. We will start with management strategies so that your pet can’t continue to practice unwanted behavior and may start a simple training exercise or two.

After this, to teach you how to implement the treatment recommendations, the bulk of hands-on learning will happen during behavior therapy sessions through referral to qualified behavior therapy trainers.  Behavior therapy trainers are like human therapists to whom psychiatrists refer their human patients. They implement and teach behavior modification techniques so you can see the most improvement possible in the least amount of time. They are very different from obedience and sport trainers.  They have unique educational requirements, certifications, and experience to work with dogs suffering from disorders of anxiety, fear, aggression, and compulsive behavior.

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