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We understand that you may be asking yourself if this service is right for you? You have come to the right place if:

  • Your primary care veterinarian or a trainer has told you that your pet's behavioral problems are outside the scope of his/her care or expertise.
  • Your pet seems anxious or afraid.
  • Your pet exhibits aggressive behavior.
  • You are planning, expecting, or have a new baby. 
  • You are worried about the safety of your family, other people, visitors to your home.
  • Your pet has bitten or injured you, another person, or another pet.
  • Your pet has destructive, self-injurious, or bizarre repetitive behaviors.
  • Your pet is urinating or defecating in the house.
  • You cannot leave your pet home alone.
  • You have considered re-homing or euthanizing your pet based on his or her behavior.
  • Something in your gut tells you that your pet's behavior is outside the norm of a happy, healthy dog or cat.

 If you are uncertain whether or not our services are right for your pet, please email us.



NEW PATIENT TWO VISIT PACKAGE:  $650    Initial Consultation and First Therapy Session

  • VISIT ONE:  Initial Veterinary Behavior Consultation  This comprehensive consultation will be scheduled with Dr. Jokela and will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. It will include the following:
    • A review of your pet's medical and behavioral history.  This includes information from:
      • A review of your pet's medical records from your primary care veterinarian.
      • A written behavioral history questionnaire that you provide prior to the consultation.
      • A discussion with you regarding your pet's behavior during the consultation.
      • Videos of your pet's behavior that you provide prior to the consultation.  They can be sent by text to 219-781-6868 or by email to

        Note: please do not set up, or try to get your pet to perform dangerous or aggressive behavior in order to obtain video. We do NOT need, or want to see, active aggression.  We are trained to learn more about your pet's behavior from videos that depict your pet's behavior in their environment and with their people on an ordinary day.
    • Observation of your pet's behavior during the consultation Note: we do not need to see your pet perform aggressive behavior.  Our goal is to avoid putting your dog in situations that would trigger aggressive behavior. 

    • An explanation or your pet's behavioral diagnosis. You will learn why your pet's undesired behavior is happening and what causes it.

    • A discussion of any medical concerns that might be causing or exacerbating your pet’s behavior.  If there are medical concerns, recommendations for diagnostic testing and treatment through your primary care veterinarian or by a veterinary specialist will be made. 

    • Recommendations for safety management and prevention of dangerous behavior will be given.

    • If indicated, the benefits of behavioral medications will be discussed, including, how they work, their benefits, how they can improve a pet's quality of life, and any potential side effects. Written instructions will also be provided. 

    • Additional information and handouts will be emailed to you after your consult 

  • VISIT TWO:  Your Pet's First VIRTUAL Veterinary Behavior Therapy Session  
    Your pet's first behavior therapy session will last 60 to 90 minutes and is included in the new patient package. 
    • These sessions will teach you:
      • The foundations and benefits of behavior therapy
      • How to implement the behavior therapy techniques to improve safety, the quality of life for both you and your pet, and to build a relationship of trust with your pet.
    • Behavior therapy is NOT the same thing as obedience training.
    • Behavior therapy helps with emotional disorders of anxiety, fear, aggression and repetitive or compulsive behavior. 

      NOTE:  Due to the severe nature of the behavioral disorders and conditions that we treat, additional 45-60 minute behavior therapy sessions are crucial to reach your dog's best potential and success.  Additional therapy sessions will require additional fees.
  • Therapy sessions are usually scheduled on a one monthly basis, but can be more or less frequent if desired.
  • We want to give you time to practice and implement what you learned before the next session.
  • At each session your therapy trainer will troubleshoot and help solve any problems as well as teach new techniques.
  • Additional therapy sessions will be discussed and scheduled by your behavior therapy trainer at the end of each session based on what your pet and your family need.

Charges for lab work, behavior equipment, behavior therapy training, and medication (if indicated) are additional.

Non-behavioral diagnostic procedures will be directed back to your primary care veterinarian, or to an another veterinary specialist if advanced diagnostics are indicated.


 :  Recheck Veterinary Behavior Consultation:  $250 

  • Recheck consultations 2-4 months are extremely  important. 
    • Due to the serious nature of the behavior disorders we treat, it is unrealistic to expect that one veterinary behavior consultation will be sufficient to achieve significant improvement. 
    • In order to continue to provide behavior medication refills for the rest of the year, a recheck consultation must be scheduled within 2-4 months of the initial consultation.
    • Due to high demand for our services, our appointment schedule is usually booked out in advance for several of months.  To ensure you get your recheck appointment within the 2-4 month window, we recommend scheduling your pet's recheck consultation after the first consultation 
  • The primary reason for the recheck is to assess your pet's response to medication. 
  • If indicated, adjustments or additions to your pet's medications, will be discussed
  • In addition, the success of management strategies and progress with behavior modification therapy will be discussed. 
  • If indicated, adjustments or additions to your pet's medications, if will be discussed

Level II Veterinary Behavior Consultation Fee: $350

  • For patients who have already had an initial consultation and follow up within the last 2 years, but continued care is needed, or new problems have arisen.
  • Level II consultations last 30-60 minutes
  • Medical and behavioral history and progress since the last consultation will be assessed.
  • Additional diagnoses will be explained if indicated
  • Additional treatment recommendations will be given.
  • The need for additional follow up visits vary from case to case.
  • If we have not seen your pet in over 2 years, starting over with a new patient consultation is required.
“With your guidance and direction on understanding how a dog learns with positive training, our world turned around. Not only has it changed my dog’s life, but mine too!!!”— Ralph & Liz