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Medication Refills


  • Please allow 72 hours for all prescription refills to be sent to the pharmacy.
  • Prescriptions refills needed in less than 3 days may incur a $50 rush fee.
  • Complete all of the questions on the form below and click "Submit".
  • If information is missing from the form, it may delay your pet's refill authorization.





Since most of behavioral medications that we prescribe, are medications that are made for humans but are used in an off-label manner in veterinary medicine, refills are usually possible through your local human pharmacy.  Once you have selected a pharmacy, you will need to supply us with the name and phone number.

We strongly advise price checking before selecting the pharmacy you wish to use as prices vary and sometimes fluctuate widely.  Below are suggestions based on our client feedback:  

  • Costco, Walmart, Marianos, Meijer and Jewel-Osco tend to be client favorites due to lowest prices. 
  • Walgreens can have competitive pricing if you join as a member of their savings club prices.
    • To get discounted pricing at Walgreens, you must sign your pet up for Walgreens’ Prescription Savings Club which costs $20 annually.
    • This small fee will save that amount many times over. Walgreens drastically reduces the price on behavior medications once your pet is a club member.
    • You can join the savings club in store, or you can do so online at:
  • Another way to price check, is to use a website developed for human prescriptions called On this website you will find coupons and estimated prices at various local pharmacies based on zip code.
    • Most human pharmacies will not honor goodrx prices and coupons for pets, but a few will not.
    • We recommend calling and confirming if the pharmacy will honor goodrx pricing for pet prescriptions.


In order for us to refill medications, your pet must be a current patient with Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants.  By law, we cannot refill prescriptions beyond one year of your pet’s last visit with us.  

  • If you feel your pet needs adjustments in doses, or changes in medication: your pet must be in current in one of our 4 months consult support packages, so that we have current information to make additional recommendations or adjustments in the medication plan. Please call our Refill Coordinator, Liz Geisen, at 219-781-6868 or by email at with your medication questions or concerns.
  • If you feel your pet needs adjustments in doses or changes in medication and your pet is beyond our initial 4 month support package, please schedule a Level II Consultation Package with us. This will provide an additional one-hour follow up consultation and another 4 month email support package so that we can re-assess your pet, develop a new medication plan, and monitor the response to the new protocol. Please call 630-231-1544 or email for scheduling.
  • If we have not seen your pet in the last 12 months, please schedule an annual follow-up consult with us, by calling 630-231-1544, or emailing Alternatively, if your pet is doing well on the medication(s), prescription authorization can be transferred to your primary care veterinarian.
  • If your pet is on medication long term, blood work (CBC and blood Chemistry Profile), should be performed every 6-12 months. This lab work can be done by performed by your primary care veterinarian, or through us.
  • If you have questions about refills, please contact Liz Geisen, our Refill Coordinator at or at 219-781-6868.