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Recommended Training Equipment



Freedom Harness

Easy-Walk Harness

Balance Harness

Perfect Fit Harness

Head Halters

Gentle Leader

Head Halti

Black Dog Halters


How to Desensitize a Dog to a Head Halter

World-renowned author and trainer, Jean Donaldson, demonstrates how to use targeting and desensitization to condition her dog, Buffy, to enjoy wearing her Gentle Leader™ head collar. A few quick sessions help Buffy choose to wear the Gentle Leader ™ and even look forward to it.

Fit For A Pit's Guide to teaching your dog to love wearing a head halter, using Positive Reinforcement! A head halter can be really useful if your dog pulls as it doesn't put any pressure on their throat. The following link is to a video that will show you how to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash.

David teaches Phineas to wear a head collar. If your dog lunges, pulls on leash, and is hard to control, and head collar and David's training methods might really help!


Baskerville Muzzle

Soft Silicone Muzzle

See “Muzzle Training” in our Resources section for videos on how to train your dog to love a muzzle!

Sound and Vision Masking Products

Mutt Muff

DIY Mutt Muff

Happy Hoodie

Calming Cap/ Thunder Cap

DIY Calming Cap

The Calming Cap for dogs is a sheer lightweight sleeve that fits over the dogs eyes to reduce visual intensity. It can help with aggression, reactivity in the car, or anxiety during veterinary examination or grooming. It is most effective when combined with training.

Most dogs are fine once you get the calming cap on, it's the application that can be scary. To make applying the calming cap fun for your dog, follow these simple instructions on my blog (

Drag Line

Extra Long Leash (indoors)

Remote Feeders

Pet Tutor


Treat and Train


Georgia using the Auto Trainer. Learn more about the positive bark-reducing Auto Trainer: For More Information Visit: Stay Connected with SassyT Canine Academy Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: