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Nail Trims


Nail Trims: Making it an Easy Choice

Teaching a Dog to File its Own Nails

Nail Trims by Smart Dog University

This video provides beginning tips for teaching this fun trick with you and your dog for nail care. Always consult your veterinarian first should your dog present with paw sensitivities and/or injury. Enjoy!

This video was previously posted on the KPCT channel but has apparently been removed, so here it is again. It is my own video and I have full rights to post it here, so no worries! This is a quick overview of teaching a biting dog to calmly and even happily accept a nail trim with step-by-step clicker training.


Great Dane Talos is learning how to enjoy having his feet handled. This is terrific preparation for nail trimming. There's no need to restrain, muzzle, or sedate a dog to trim nails. Teaching your dog to like nail trimming is ridiculously easy.

This is the first step in getting your dog comfortable with nail trims. Schooner, the Great Dane, shows us how to gradually get your dog accustomed to having his feet handled in an easy, no pressure way. After your dog is comfortable with having his paws handled, then (and only then) will we move on to actually trimming nails.