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Enrichment for Dogs: Food Puzzles and Toys


Enrichment Toys

Nina Ottoson Food Puzzles

How to Make a Snuffle Mat

Outward Hound Food Puzzles

Kong Filling 101

Pre-Made Snuffle Mat from Amazon

Enrichment Toy Video Demonstrations

Great dog owners understand it's important to provide mental enrichment for their dogs. This video explains what mental enrichment toys are and how to use them. Working for their meals provides mental enrichment, increases confidence, is stress relieving, and keeps them occupied.

Curious what a snuffle mat is and how to use it? It is a soft, multi layered fabric toy that you can use to hide food and treats for your dog. It challenges their nose and is a fabulous boredom buster. Check it out here.

This game is one way to build problem solving skills and provide mental stimulation for your service dog. Great way to teach nose scenting ability too. It can be made simpler by using paper balls, or more difficult using smooth balls or odd objects.

Teach your dog how to find and paw indicate a scent using this easy and fun game using materials you have at home. Shows you step by step how to chain two simple behaviors (sniff, paw) to create a new more complex behavior that gets a new cue.

Caitec's Chase and Chomp- is more than just a food puzzle. It is a an extra hand when you need it!