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Chin Rest


This video is about our personal training goals with our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Santino. Topic: Canine Chin Rest Behavior: Voluntary Injection & Ear Care (Journal 3). Ready ... Set ... for Groomer & Vet Program based in Chicago

This video is about how to teach a chin rest behavior to help with ear care. Each step in the approximation process is being highlighted as a tutorial to guide others to teach positive training and care for canines.

This video demonstrates the initial steps of teaching the chin rest and building duration. The chin rest is a useful step toward building cooperation during ear cleaning, administration of ear/eye medication, vaccinations, and other necessary care.

This sweet dog (named Deenie) has a history of responding to veterinary procedures in a stressful manner (jumping, climbing, running away, mouthing, panting, and vocalizing). Her family has done an amazing job educating themselves toward researching being under the professional care of a veterinary behaviorist, a referring veterinary team that provides positive general wellness care, and a veterinary dermatologist.

Voluntary blood draw with basket muzzle introduction. Me and my boy have been having fun with new goals. One is basket muzzle training. Over the years, Santino has offered voluntary blood draws, injections, suture removal, ear and eye exam procedures while resting in the chin rest position.

Thanks to Dixie the Basset and Terri Elkins youtube user: tamingthewildside for supplying footage! This video goes over how to teach a chin rest. This behavior is essential for training shy, reactive or over excited dogs. This foundation behavior is the key to many other training techniques.

The Husbandry Project is a new initiative of the Academy for Dog Trainers. The goal is to help make dogs more comfortable at the vet with specific, field-tested, owner-friendly, step-by-step training...