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Supervising Kids and Dogs - APDT Train Your Dog Month Video

Dog bite prevention video for families everywhere. 77% of dog bites come from a friend's dog or the family's very own dog. We want to change that number. Please share the video to EVERYONE you know to help protect kids and keep dogs safe too. Go to for more information.

Dogs and babies can live safe and comfortably under the same roof with proper guidance and supervision. Dogs growling at newly mobile babies or toddlers is a always concerning. Many parents feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle and prevent this situation. Join us as we discuss HELP my dog growled at the baby!

Want your kids to be safe around the dogs they know? Here's our fun, catchy little number that you won't be able to stop singing around your kids! Trainers, veterinarian, rescue workers, breeders (and all other dog professionals) if you want to embed this video - NO PROBLEM!

Uploaded by thefamilydog on 2012-10-03.

Uploaded by thefamilydog on 2012-10-03.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers: Dr. Robert Curran NewTrix 2013 Video Award Winner

Kids and dogs both need to learn how to greet each other. It helps if the kids feel safe so that they can practice proper greetings. Using a baby gate is one technique.

There are many things you can do to help ease the transtion into parenthood when you have a family dog. Watch this short webinar to learn just some of the ways you can get started today! provides resources all over the United States and beyond. Visit us today!

Although we try...sometimes it just is not in the cards for all dogs to remain in the home with a baby. Here is an example of a situation and comparison. Hope this is helpful!

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